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The Evolution of Cutting Edge Custom Painting

Cutting Edge Custom Painting was a young man’s ambition and a tribute to a father’s and son’s bond.

In the beginning, like all tradesmen we learn the art from a mentor. My mentor was my Dad. He was a jack of all trades who had his own custom carpentry business when I was a young boy. After years of hard labor in the carpentry trade, he turned to painting as a way to earn a living. This is where I began to learn the art of painting and the importance of quality workmanship, value of customers, and having pride in a job well done. I lost my dad at the age of 18, and I feel that these values which he instilled in me show in every job I complete today.

After my father’s passing, I took the skills he taught me and began my career working for other contractors. This is where I befriended a man who showed me even more tricks of the trade, Mr. Ronnie Howard. After gaining 11 years of experience, and benefiting from the guidance of someone who has had years of knowledge in the art of painting, I decided to start my own company, Cutting Edge Custom Painting.

Cutting Edge Custom Painting was established in September 2003. After two years building a reputation for quality and gaining a customer base on my own, I recruited my long time friend and mentor Ronnie Howard.  He now works with me to make Cutting Edge Customer Painting what it is today. With over  40 years of combined experience in the painting industry, we cater to clients looking for custom design and only the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Most of my customers I have acquired strictly through word of mouth. This is the highest compliment a company could ever receive. It is absolute proof of the quality craftsmanship and excellence in customer satisfaction that Cutting Edge Custom Painting provides.

I am proud to have such success in a short period of time and I thank every one of my customers for their confidence in my work. I am extremely honored to know that each and every one of them enjoys my finished product every day in their homes and workplaces. It is a pleasure bringing your ideas to life.

-Thomas Haifley

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As our client, we want you to know exactly what professionals will be skillfully providing you with your Cutting Edge Custom Painting experience. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Cutting Edge Team of Master Painters.