Brand New Home – Stain, Trim & Interior Paint

Project Description – These pictures are from a home completely rebuilt after fire damage.  The home displays a combination of stained and painted trim work.  These pictures are a wonderful example of the Cutting Edge Custom Painting attention to detail and skilled freehand craftsmanship.


Custom Garage Door

Project Description – These pictures highlight a custom garage door with over hanging header.   Cutting Edge Custom Painting took the original plain white vinyl overhead garage doors and transformed them to match the new siding and improved exterior.  We custom painted the columns and gel stained &finished the front entrance door to coordinate with the renovation.


Exterior Paint Over Stucco

Project Description – These pictures are a beautiful example of our exterior painting capabilities.  This specific job entailed power washing and removal of mildew from the exterior surfaces.  The power washing was followed by painting the dull and faded stucco siding with a fresh vibrant color.  We also repainted the brown trim which highlights the architecture.

Exterior House Stain & Paint

Project Description – The exterior of this home was a 100% color change from blue siding to tan siding.  It also began with power washing the entire exterior of the home to remove the dirt and properly prepare the surfaces for new color.  Cutting Edge Custom Painting then applied two coats of solid stain on the siding and one coat of white paint on the trim.  We took this two story home to new heights with the end result!

Historic House Before & After

Project Description – This historic home required a lot of tender loving care in the preparation of the surfaces.  Cutting Edge Custom Painting patched holes in the plaster walls; scraped surfaces clean of loose paint and evened out the interior surfaces.  We completely changed the color of the room and made the home feel new with fresh paint lines, yet kept the historic home charm.  These are some wonderful before and after photos for your viewing pleasure.

Custom Basement – Stain and Interior Paint 

Project Description – This custom finished basement speaks for itself.  We worked hand in hand with the professional decorator on the color pallet to ensure the end result met the client’s expectations. In addition to the interior wall & ceiling painting, we stained and finished the hand rails and all interior doors, highlighting the detailed, elaborate trim work.

Custom Garage Interior

Project Description – This spectacular brand new show car garage was one of our all time favorites.  In addition to painting the interior walls and doors, we stained the staircase and rails.  The highlight of this project was the custom “shock absorber” pickets, which Cutting Edge Custom Painting finished from plain wood, transforming these beauties by custom accent painting red and silver.  This particular garage also included a second floor lounge area which was completely interior painted as well.

Custom Kitchen & Family Room

Project Description – This beautifully designed kitchen and living room is a site to behold.  We love the way the accent colors and attention to detail highlights the lovely trim work and custom cabinetry.  The interior painting cut into the stone wall and wood ceiling is a wonderful example of what our Master Painters do best!

Master Bedroom

Project Description – This master bedroom was visually uplifted with a new painted panel ceiling.   Cutting Edge Custom Painting precise caulking and steady freehand painting allows for every detail of the crown molding to be shown.  This tri-color pallet really brings this room to life!

Custom Interior with Historic Stone Wall

Project Description – This early 1900’s historic home boasts some of the original stone walls in this full remodel.  The Cutting Edge Custom Painting precise paint edging against the curves of mortar lines truly bring this room to life.  With over 12 different colors in new paint scheme, Cutting Edge Custom Painting invested many man hours in this project making it all it can be.   These are just a few photographs of the multiple rooms Cutting Edge painted throughout the home.


Project Description – These photographs are highlights of the precision and attention to detail Cutting Edge has staked our reputation on. Specifically, the photographs show all the details of professionally, properly caulked moldings and free hand, tape free paint lines provided by our Master Painters.  These results cannot be hurried, but with Cutting Edge Custom Painting, this is the standard of quality you can expect to receive.